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WestCare Renovations Help Keep Focus on What’s Important

29WestCareInstallThe WestCare Women’s and Children’s Campus in Las Vegas will now be able to focus more on offering behavioral health services for adults, children, adolescents and families and be less concerned about the building where it provides those services.

A new roof recently completed by Cooper Roofing & Solar was part of renovation work on this WestCare facility by HomeAid Southern Nevada. HomeAid is a nonprofit that completes several shelter build projects each year, such as the WestCare renovation.

The roofing portion of the project was 550 squares (55,000 square feet) of reroofing. It wasn’t necessary to remove the entire roof. Only the roofing at the edges and around roof penetrations was required to be removed before installing the new roof.

Tearing off the existing roofing at these areas allowed Cooper Roofing & Solar to make a proper seal at the most crucial points. Leaving the existing roofing in the field helped to reduce costs without affecting the integrity of the new roof.

The roof was completed with Duro-Last single-ply. Duro-Last, which touts itself as “The World’s Best Roof®” is a PVC material that is mechanically-fastened (using screws) with seams in the material sealed by heat-welding.

The Duro-Last material for this project was provided in sections, rather than rolls. The sections are prefabricated with factory-welded seams. Each section covers the area that would require several rolls, but the field labor is significantly reduced because there are far fewer seams that must be welded on the roof.

The project presented some unique aspects, including in the area of safety. The field area of the roof not near any of the edges was roped off with pylons and flags.

Those working within the roped-off areas, which were not near any areas in which a fall hazard was present, were able to work without the use of a fall-arrest system. Employees working at or near the edges of the roof, where the risk of fall is present, were required to employ a fall-arrest system.

With the roof complete, WestCare will be able to put concerns about the building behind them and be able to focus on what’s really important – providing their services to those who need them!

The Work

The Completed Roof

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