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We’ve Got What It Takes!

All trucks and equipmentLas Vegas is the Convention Capital of the World and the construction industry makes its contribution to the cause every year.

A few weeks ago the home builders convention was in town. Last week it was the roofing contractors and this week a huge construction equipment show is being held in Las Vegas.

In honor of the latest of these, check out some of the equipment Cooper Roofing & Solar uses on a daily basis.

Whether it’s residential, commercial, custom homes, whatever the challenge we’ve got the right equipment to handle whatever is thrown at us…and more! Plus, we’ve got the people trained to operate them efficiently and safely as well.

From trucks to get our people, materials and equipment to the site to trucks to haul debris away to trucks that serve very specific purposes to forklifts to machines for insulation, gutters and coatings to our metal fabrication shop to the absolute best in safety equipment, we’ve got what it takes to get the job done!

And, in the few cases we may not already have exactly what we need, we can get it!

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Nevada Licenses

C15 (Roofing, Siding, Insulation)

#0074487 –  Limit $7,800,000

C1 (Plumbing)

#0074892 –  Limit $500,000

C2 (Electrical)

#0074893 –  Limit $500,000