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Living in Nevada has the benefit of getting plenty of sunshine on a daily basis. In fact, we receive an average of more than 300 days of full sunlight each year. It’s not surprising then that the Solar Energy Industries Association ranks Nevada among the top five states for solar energy collection in America!

Electricity in Nevada is provided by several companies, with the largest being NV Energy. NV Energy has created several policies and rebate programs in recent years to help homeowners convert to solar.

Tax and Other Incentives for Homeowners and Businesses

The U.S. Federal government supports new solar-power project installations with a 30% tax credit. This allows you to deduct 30% of the costs of the solar project from your taxes. There is no maximum limit on the amount that can be deducted from your taxes.

For example, install a $10,000 solar power project on your home and take off $3,000 from your income taxes. Or install a $100,000 solar power project for your business and deduct $30,000 from your income taxes. It is much better to get solar energy in Las Vegas than to waste your money paying taxes. Don’t you agree?

NV Energy also has incentives that make it financially attractive to install new solar energy solutions. NV Energy pays an upfront incentive based on the system capacity that is calculated at $0.15 per watt. NV Energy also pays rebates for solar energy near the standard retail rate under its net metering program.

Net metering is a system that monitors the use of power that comes from NV Energy’s electrical grid. NV Energy customers with solar-power collection systems can automatically sell their unused excess power back to the grid at 95% of the retail rate for electricity.

The net metering equipment monitors the electrical usage from the NV Energy grid and deducts the amount of electricity sent back to the grid. With a robust solar-energy collection system, solar users are able to offset many electrical energy costs and eliminate their monthly bill from NV Energy.

You should get a free estimate right away to take advantage of this rebate at its highest level because as more homeowners install solar-energy collection systems, this rate goes down. It decreases by 7% for every 80 megawatts of new solar power installations until the rebate reaches the minimum value of 75% of the retail rate. Homeowners who install their new solar equipment in the coming months have a better financial reward for doing this, so why wait? Get a free estimate.

For those living in Pahrump, the Valley Electric Association gives a rebate for any electricity sold back to the electrical grid at the full retail rate. This means if you live in Pahrump and you have a solar energy system, you can more easily offset all of your electrical expenses. Imagine what it feels like to never get an electrical bill ever again!


It makes perfect sense for you to have a brand new solar-energy collection system for both your home and for your business. With the tax incentives and the rebates, these systems pay for themselves and provide reliable, long-term energy solutions. Can you imagine how that feels? Yes, it is amazing.

Investing in a solar power solution for your property means investing in your future and the sustainable future of the planet. You have nothing to lose by getting a free estimate.

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Nevada solar rebates and incentives


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