If You’re Building a Custom Home, You Need Cooper Roofing & Solar

Clay boosted frontYou build your homes to exacting standards to please meticulous clients. That’s where Cooper Roofing & Solar can help.

From distinctive products to unique designs – there are so many aspects of building custom homes that battle for your time and attention. We can help make sure that roofing issues aren’t among them. We have earned a reputation for outstanding quality and customer service. Everything we do is designed to improve our customers’ experiences and enhance the value you deliver to your clients.

With 1 million squares of tile installed in over three decades we areClay-skylights-vents recognized as THE tile roofing experts. In addition, we have created an exclusive production management and supply-chain system to maximize our ability to serve our customers. This includes an in-house sheet metal fabrication facility to ensure cost-effective and timely delivery as well as allow us to seamlessly fill orders for many specialty products.

With Cooper Roofing & Solar, you can expect:

Unparalleled Quality and Service. We are a family-owned company that startedNew American Home solar - reduced more than 30 years ago and have built a reputation of commitment to quality and dedication to customer service.

Unequalled Experience. We have installed 1 million squares of tile during our three decades. However unique your need or your client’s desire, we’ve probably seen it before.

Access to the Latest Products. Our well-developed relationships with suppliers and manufacturers ensure that we are in the loop whenever new products and new varieties of existing products are in development and production stages. Our relationships allow you to incorporate cutting-edgeAndalussia 1 products into your homes and stay ahead of the curve.

Special Requests. We have our own sheet metal roofing manufacturing shop so we are able to cut, bend, form and solder metal to accommodate virtually any roof style. If you need specialty metal products, such as Copper, Bonderized or painted metal, we can supply those as well. From standard concrete tile installations to serpentine, full-mortar, boosted clay, whatever you and your designer can envision, we have the knowledge and expertise to get it done right.

texashouseCooperCompletion On Time And On Budget. Part of our commitment to you is to provide predictability and stability. Our staff is experienced and diligent and they can identify potential issues before they become problems.

If you are building a custom home using Concrete or Clay tile, you need THE Tile Roofing Experts, you need Cooper Roofing & Solar.

Contact us today for an estimate and schedule us on your next custom home.

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Don’t Take Our Word for It
Don’t Take Our Word for It